Sheet Spartech Royalite® ABS/PVC


Spartech Royalite™ PVC/ABS

For Medical and electrical markets
Thermoformable sheets"

About the product

The Royalite™ family offers a line of reliable, safe products for medical and electronics applications including equipment housing, clean room wall coverings, refrigerator linings and cell phone casings. The materials in this diverse portfolio are readily available in a variety of standard colors, sizes and textures.



  • UL listed flame rated
  • Very high impact strength
  • Lightweight
  • High heat deflection temperature (HDT)
  • Controlled color match surface
  • Colors: tremendous range of colors with a multitude of textures ranging from smooth to deep-textured.
  • Finishing: possible to machine, saw, drill and grind this rigid Royalite sheet

Typical Applications

  • Medical
  • Electrical



Fire and Smoke Rated



R57Aircraft cabin and seat componentsFire-RatedFire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheetPasses: FAR 25.853 (a)(li)@ 0.047"
R59Medical and electronic enclosures and mass transit seat componentsFire-RatedFire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheetListed: UL 94 V-0 @ 0.085", Listed: UL 94-5VA@ 0.0905"
R559Medical and electronic enclosuresFire-RatedFire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheet. 100% recycledListed: UL 94 V-0 @ 0.091", Listed: UL 94-5VA @ 0.0905"
R63Dissipation of electrostatic charges, IC chip carriers. trays and tray dividersFire-RatedConductive, fire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheet"Meets: Static Decay MIL-B-81705C Meets: NFPA Code 99
Listed: UL 94 V-1 @ 0.066"" & above Surface resistivity <10·5 O "
R632Dissipation of electrostatic charges: Prmotects internal components from ESD in electronics; Container for explosive devicesFire-RatedConductive, fire-rated PVC/ABS rigid sheet"Meets: Static Decay MIL-B-81705C Meets: NFPA Code 99
Listed: UL 94 V-1@ 0.058"" and above
Listed: UL 94 V-0 @ 0.090"" and above Surface resistivity <10·5 O "
R87/59Outdoor equipment, electronic and telecom enclosuresFire-RatedEconomical, weather-resistant, fire-rated rigid sheet"Listed: UL 746C-f1
Listed: UL 94 V-0@ 0.047"" and above
Listed: UL 94-5VA@ 0.085"" and above"
Sheet Spartech Royalite® ABS/PVC